Survivor Cypher

Terms and Conditions

  1. Deadline for submissions is Monday, 21st September, 2020  1800GMT
  2. Please send your verse in this format- Include a reference mix so its easier to place your vocals. Your recorded verse must be unmixed and in WAV format and compressed into a zip or rar file. Please separate lead stems from adlips and email with your social media ad contact details to
  3. A non-biased and undisclosed team will handpick the best verses for the final cut. Please understand if your verse falls out.
  4. However, if we receive really great verses we might split the cipher into separate parts but you shall be notified on any arrangements.
  5. There will be no retakes so please ensure you send a great performance.
  6. If your verse is selected, you will be notified of video shoot arrangements via the contact number included in email
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